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Pre-K & Kindergarten

Pre-K & Kindergarten

The Beginning Years

Special attention is given to the youngest members of Immanuel Lutheran School where they learn the essentials required to prepare them for their elementary years. Children learn the basic skills including the alphabet, numbers and motor skills. They listen to stories told from the Bible, learn to color and sing, and are taught how to write their names. Socially, they interact with one another during playtime and learn the value of mutual respect.

Pre-K and kindergarten students are able to take part in the Big Friend/little friend program in which they are mentored by Immanuel Lutheran’s older students. They are introduced to the main elementary school building by taking frequent trips to the school’s gymnasium and library. By the time they reach the end of kindergarten they are ready and willing to transition to first grade.

Why Choose Immanuel Lutheran School?

  • Experienced teachers with bachelor’s degrees
  • Small class sizes offering personal attention
  • Great preparation for Immanuel’s elementary program
  • Access to the elementary school’s library and gymnasium
  • Further learning with older students via the Big Friend/little friend program
  • Extended care available before and after school.



Our half-day Pre-K program focuses on learning through play. Students learn literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts in a play-based environment. Most importantly, students learn basic Bible stories, verses, and songs. Currently we offer one section of pre-K for age 3 and three sections of pre-K for age 4.

Core Subjects

  • Language Arts: Alphabet, writing words, story composition, literature comparison
  • Math: Counting, problem solving, voting, graphing, sorting & comparing
  • Science: Plants & animals, habitats, measuring, insects
  • Social Studies: Social interaction, community living, cooperation


  • Bible stories
  • Flannelgraph stories
  • Object Lessons
  • Bible verse exposure
  • Chapel services

Learning Through Play & Socialization

  • Gross Motor Activities
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Painting
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Reading out loud



We offer a full-day kindergarten program builds on the early childhood skills introduced in Pre-K. Students participate in special classes such as music, PE, Spanish, and art. Additionally, kindergarten students can participate in piano lessons during the school day and the Praire Pals program after school.

Core Subjects

  • Religion: Bible stories, prayer
  • Math: Numbers, manipulatives, patterns, shapes, graphs, coins
  • Language Arts: Guided reading, phonics, phonemic awareness, word families
  • Social Studies: Maps, communities, jobs, holidays
  • Science: Seasons, life cycles, human body, plants, forces

Special Classes & Activities

Kindergarteners have special classes weekly or biweekly. Room parents help coordinate class parties.

  • Music Class
  • Spanish Class
  • PE
  • Art Class


  • Daily religion classes
  • Class prayers
  • Weekly chapel services
  • Service projects
  • Opportunities to participate in Immanuel Lutheran Church worship services

How can I help my child?

There are several ways that teachers and parents can partner together:

  • Pray with and for your child
  • Attend worship services
  • Review homework
  • Talk with your child about the school day
  • Prepare your child for the school day
  • Attend school events
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher

Immanuel Lutheran School

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