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Immanuel Lutheran School is part of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. This denomination traces its history of Lutheran schools back to 1839 when German immigrants established schools aboard ships that brought them to America. Lutheran schools comprise the largest Protestant parochial school system in the country.


At a voters’ meeting, the congregation voted to reopen the school, which first opened in 1886 and closed in 1920 due to a lack of enrollment.


A committee was selected to make plans for future expansion and the present site at 1225 East Second Street was purchased for approximately $30,000.00.


Construction began and although the building was not yet complete, the school opened in September 1958 with five classrooms. The cost of the school was $210,000.00.


The new school was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday, October 12, 1958.


Two classrooms added to the building’s east end.


Rooms were added to the building’s west end including a general classroom, a science room, and a music room. Washrooms were also added.


Reconstruction took place after the tornado.


Church offices moved to the east end of the school.


A modular classroom was added.


Immanuel Lutheran Church moved from Boone Street to the East Second Street property.


Six classrooms and a new gymnasium were added to the east end.

As we look back over the years and reflect on our milestones of the past, we are even more empowered by God to carry on with our mission to educate children and families in a Christian environment. It is an environment where growth in Christ and academic excellence are inseparable. We give thanks to God for His blessings to Immanuel Lutheran. He has used Immanuel Lutheran School to bring Jesus’ love into the lives of people in the Belvidere area.

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